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Principal of  University Business School

I have had three series of coaching sessions with Fiona - each for a distinct phase of my career journey. In each case, the common thread was that I was overwhelmed by the change I was about to go through and foggy about what it could look like.

The first series was part of my own coaching training so I was quite excited at the prospect, but I was slightly hesitant about the others because I am quite analytical and I wasn’t sure what coaching could answer when I wasn’t even sure what the question was!

In each of the series I gained, respectively, insight into the coaching process, more effective working relationships, and clarity on a new role. Overall, I have gained confidence in myself and my decision-making and leadership abilities.

Fiona is tenacious and well-researched, and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the really tangible processes that came out of the sessions.

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